The Feel-Good Dance Movie Marathon You Need in Your Life

With social distancing guidelines extended to April 30, we are all going to be continuing to spend lots of time in our own homes. This is likely very disappointing to many people, but it’s vitally important to slow the spread of this virus.

That being said, staying home doesn’t have to be boring! We may not be able to go out to eat or see a new movie on the weekend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t bring those experiences to our own home!

One of the best ways to do this, in my opinion, is by hosting a movie marathon! You can do this with people you live with, a few friends who have been social distancing, or over the internet via Zoom, FaceTime, or one of the many other options out there!

During these stressful times, I think it’s good to make time for things that make you love. Things that make you smile, laugh, and just feel good! Honestly, there’s not much out there that I love more than retro dance movies and musicals.

They are entertaining, fun, uplifting, and there’s something so satisfying about large groups of people performing, seemingly spontaneously, choreographed dance numbers while singing in unison. I can’t deny it, I truly love to be transported into these musical worlds. After I watch one, I usually spend the next couple hours wishing my life was a musical and contemplating pursuing a career in dance (although my dance experience only includes a few years of childhood ballet and the renegade).

Anyways, when you’re trying to come up with something fun to do this weekend, refer back to this movie list! Don’t forget to make popcorn, and get some unhealthy snacks for during the movies! It would also be a good time to order take out to support one of your favorite local restaurants. If you want more ideas of fun things to do at home, you’ll definitely find something on this list of 120 ideas!

Dirty Dancing

Obviously, we’ll be starting off with the iconic Dirty Dancing. I’m sure I don’t need to explain it, but this movie really has it all. The perfect balance of romance, humor, drama, and, of course, dancing, all united in a dreamy 80’s masterpiece. Not to mention the chemistry between Baby and Johnny, whose unlikely, but passionate, relationship is what dreams are made of. Okay, I’m done, I just love this movie. Get it online through platforms like Redbox, Youtube, Amazon, and iTunes.

Footloose (1984)

Ah, the original Footloose with Kevin Bacon, another 80’s dance classic. The energy in this movie is everything. I’d watch this repeatedly just to see the iconic warehouse scene, where Ren angrily blows off steam by aggressively flipping and dancing around. Also, Lori Singer, who plays Ariel, is just so cool in this. Rent it online from most the places you would normally rent from, including Redbox, Youtube, Amazon, and iTunes.

Footloose (2011)


You might as well watch this version while you’re at it, even though it’s not retro like the other movies on this list. It’s a great remake, and while all of the characters are awesome (trust me, I love Kenny Wormald in this as much as the next girl), Willard really stole my heart in this one. Rent it online from Redbox, Amazon, iTunes, or Youtube.



Of course, this movie had to be on this list. The dance scenes in this movie are everything! I could watch the final audition scene over and over again, I just love it so much! Rent this from Amazon, Redbox, Youtube, iTunes, or wherever else you rent movies online!


Wow, I love this movie. The songs, the dancing, the characters, and the adorable relationship between Sandy and Danny make this one of my favorites. Not to mention the side stories of Danny’s and Sandy’s friends at the high school. Get it anywhere you rent on demand, like Redbox, Amazon, or Youtube.



If you didn’t get enough of John Travolta in Grease, you can watch him in Hairspray as Tracy Turnblad’s mom, Edna (a fact which always makes me laugh when I watch this). Hairspray is set in the 60’s, so it fits right into the retro theme here! This movie is so fun and entertaining, it’s a great one to wrap up the marathon with. I love everything about Tracy, and the songs, dances, and outfits in this move are amazing!

I realize that unless you start in the morning and watch continually the entire day, you will won’t be able to watch all of these the same day (I mean, it can be done if you’re committed). You could always break it into a multi-weekend event, or start on a Friday and finish on Sunday. A themed movie marathon a great way to stay entertained, and I hope this inspires you to host one of your own!

Do you have any movie marathon theme suggestions? Comment them below!

If you’re looking for more ideas of things to do during this time, you need to read this list of 120 ideas! I promise that you will find something that interests you!

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