9 Podcasts to Listen to For Comfort & Entertainment During Quarantine

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I’ve never been the type who listens to podcasts daily, but I have a few favorites I like to listen to now and then. However, that has changed during quarantine! I now listen to multiple podcasts every day, as many of them are a good distraction during this time. I’ve been loving podcasts that either make me laugh (because we could all use a little of that right now!), as well as podcasts that offer comfort and advice about our current situation.

Below I have listed out 9 of my favorite podcasts I’ve been listening to that do exactly that. Listen to them while doing laundry, working, walking your dog, playing Animal Crossing, or literally anything else! Hopefully, some of these podcasts will help get you through the long days of quarantine.

Staying In with Emily & Kumail

You may recognize the above names from their movie The Big Sick, but along with all of the other amazing things they do, this couple has started a podcast! Along with talking about their lives together in quarantine, they also answer questions and talk to guests who offer valuable advice during this time. It’s funny, honest, comforting, and they’re donating their profits to charities that support those affected by the pandemic. You can read more about it here.

Citizen Critic

If you’re looking for a podcast that doesn’t involve pandemic talk and that will make you laugh out loud, you should give Citizen Critic a try. In this podcast, Scott Janovitz and Greg Conley read and discuss hilarious reviews found online about movies, shows, music, and more. This sentence in their podcast description sums it up perfectly: “In a world where everyone’s a critic, two heroes will rise, and criticize them.”

I especially loved the Tiger King episode, in which the main review discussed is a lengthy explanation about why you should not watch the Tiger King with your children (in case the TV-MA rating didn’t tip you off). It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, even if you haven’t watched the Tiger King series yet. The Frozen episode, where a completely incorrect review from a reputable news source is discussed, is also hilarious. You can read more about this podcast here.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend is another great podcast if you’re looking for laughs. In each episode, Conan O’Brien sits down with a guest in a way that feels more like friends talking, rather than a rigid interview. Sometimes honest and touching, and other times hilarious, this podcast is the perfect combination of comfort and entertainment.

There are so many amazing guests on this show, and all the episodes are really interesting and entertaining. Some of my favorite guest interviews have been Kumail Nanjiani, Whitney Cummings, Martin Short, and Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara. Read more about this podcast here.

Sugar Calling

This is such a great podcast if you’re looking for comfort and advice during this time. Cheryl Strayed, aka Sugar, aka Author of best-selling book Wild (one of my favorite books ever!), starts asking for advice instead of giving it in this podcast. In each episode, Cheryl calls a writer who has inspired her to discuss the current situation. They have wonderful conversations about how they’re feeling, what they’re doing to process what’s going on, and how they’re staying hopeful and finding courage to face the current situation.

There are only three episodes available at the time I am writing this, but they are all worth listening to. There are so many valuable lessons and insights that can be gleaned from these discussions. Read more about it here.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

If you’ve read any of Brené Brown’s best-selling books, you already know what an incredible voice she is. She has such a grasp on what it means to be human, and her new podcast focuses on just that.

On this podcast, she has meaningful conversations with incredible people who offer insight about how to live, love, connect, be vulnerable, be brave, and so much more. She also has episodes where she alone talks to the listeners about an important topic. It is authentic and honest, and a really refreshing and comforting listen. If you like the podcast, you should also watch her live lecture on Netflix, The Call to Courage. You can learn more about this podcast here.

I Weigh with Jameela Jamil

There’s probably no need to say how awesome Jameela Jamil is, but just in case there is, she’s very awesome. This podcast stems from the I Weigh movement she started, which challenges society’s obsession with determining people’s worth based on their weight and appearance.

However, this movement and discussion digs deeper than just body-positivity. In this podcast, she has funny, honest, and deep conversations with people about shame, self-worth, and where they find their true value. It’s refreshingly real, and a great way to take a break from thinking about the current state of the world. Read more about it here.

Riled Up with Arielle and Matt

Of course, Arielle Vandenberg and Matt Cutshall are one of the most hilarious couples out there right now. If you’re not following them both on Instagram… you are really missing out. On their podcast, they have always funny, sometimes outrageous, conversations about whatever they’re riled up about at the moment. Everything from how they are both handling quarantine, to naming 20 mosquito fish after celebrities, to recalling previous jobs and uncomfortable red carpet moments, there’s no way you could not be entertained by these two. Read more about it here.

Life is Short with Justin Long

This podcast is hosted by actor Justin Long, who is accompanied by his brother Christian. It’s funny, entertaining, and genuine. They always have awesome guests, like Kristen Bell and David Harbour, and great discussions. The episodes tend to be a bit longer than the typical podcast length, usually ranging from one to two hours long.

Although all of the episodes are great, I’ve been loving the ones they’ve made since quarantine started. They have meaningful talks with guests, as well as an occasional check in with a doctor friend to get updates about the virus. If you’re looking to laugh, hear great conversations, and get occasional virus updates, you will love this podcast. Find out more about it here.

Here For You

If you’ve ever listened to the podcast Forever35, then you’re familiar with friends Kate and Doree. They are the hosts of this new podcast, which has a new episode every day to offer support and comfort to women during this time. Along with talking about what’s going on in their lives, they also hear about what their listeners are going through.

They give advice, talk about how they and their listeners are being affected, and offer ideas on how to stay entertained in your newfound free time. This podcast is perfect for you if you looking to laugh, hear about other’s experiences, and really just feel like you’re having a conversation with a couple of girlfriends. Read more about this podcast here.

Hopefully, you will give some of the podcasts a try and find a new favorite to listen to regularly. I’ve found these podcasts to be a great way to not only learn about other people, but to also learn more meaningful ways to approach life and process what is going on in the world. They are also great when you just need a break from life and want to laugh.

If you’re looking for more ideas of things you can do during quarantine, you really need to read this list of 120 ideas!

Did you find a new favorite podcast from this list? What is your current favorite podcast that you an’t get enough of?

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