120 Ideas for Things to do During Self-Isolation

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So… is anyone else starting to run out of things to do at home? 

By now, most of us have been social distancing or self-isolating for just over two weeks (and if you aren’t… please start now!), and it doesn’t seem like things will be changing anytime soon. It’s easy to feel helpless during this time, but it’s important to know that we are making a difference just by staying home and limiting our interactions with others (as an introvert… this is not new to me. For you extroverts, there are still ways to be social! Just keep reading.).

Slowing the spread of this virus and flattening the curve requires a united effort from all of us. By participating, we are not only protecting ourselves and others from getting it, but ultimately attempting to keep our healthcare systems from becoming overwhelmed to the point of being unable to care for everyone who requires medical attention.

With numbers, statistics, and predictions changing daily, it’s important to stay informed, but not become anxious or paranoid. Remember: don’t bulk buy, wash your hands regularly, don’t touch your face, and stay home as much as possible. 

That being said, staying home can get really boring, really fast! With our normal routine disrupted, events cancelled, and restaurants, stores, and bars all closed, it can be easy to just veg out all day, everyday. While that’s definitely a option (I would be lying if I said I haven’t done it myself just this week…), it may not be the healthiest choice. Keeping your mind and body active during this time can boost your mood, improve your energy, and help distract you so you don’t keep worsening your anxiety by checking the news every five minutes (seriously, I need to stop doing that!).

It can be hard to come up with ideas on the spot, so I put together this list of 120 ideas of things to do to keep you relaxed, entertained, active, and productive during this time! 

The list is organized into sections with subcategories to help you find the ideas that might interest you faster. The first section is a solo section, for things you can do alone (most of which can be modified if you’re isolating with others like family or roommates). The categories in this section are: crafty/artistic/creative, outdoors/active, practical/productive, fun/games, and TV/online. The second section is the social section, for activities to do with people you are isolating with, people who are also social distancing, or even over FaceTime. 

There is definitely a time for laying in bed and binge watching tv shows, but when you get tired of that, start working your way through this list!



  1. Try out creative writing and get inspired by searching up writing prompts
  2. Learn how to knit something simple, like a scarf
  3. Try your hand at embroidering-add something cute to a shirt or pair of jeans, or make something to hang on the wall. I think this kit is super adorable!
  4. Write a song-it doesn’t have to be good! (make this social by FaceTiming friends, setting a timer, and seeing who comes up with the best/funniest song) 
  5. Try out hand lettering or calligraphy-it’s fun and it’s a great skill to have!
  6. Write a letter or make a card to send to a loved one you are unable to visit in person-utilize your new hand lettering skills for this!
  7. Play around with some creative makeup looks, or just practice your winged eyeliner (does the perfect wing exist? Now is the perfect time to find out)
  8. Do a DIY project you saved on Pinterest but never got around to doing 
  9. Make a cozy blanket with arm knitting
  10. Make a mini terrarium (these are seriously so cute and make awesome decorations for a coffee table)
  11. Try out felting-you can make adorable little critters and they make great gifts
  1. If you have any broken dishes you’ve been meaning to repair, order a Kintsugi kit to repair them and make them more beautiful than they were before
  2. Have an Italian inspired dinner and make your own pasta-it’s actually not that difficult! If that doesn’t inspire you, you could make your own pizza instead (when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie… is it an Italian meal if you don’t play that song?)
  3. Draw or paint (if you don’t know how, watch a tutorial or get a paint by number)
  4. Find a book you no longer read and try blackout poetry
  5. Order a jewelry making kit and make something for yourself or your friends
  6. Start a journal (this is fun and good for you!)
  7. Practice an instrument or learn a new one-if you don’t have one, order an inexpensive ukulele to get started!
  8. Bake something for your neighbors (of course, do this very carefully and only if you’ve been social distancing and are healthy!)
  9. Make a handmade gift for a friend
  10. Start a blog! I may be biased but I think this is one of the best ideas on this list! 
  11. If you have a sewing machine, revamp an old clothing item or order fabric and make something new
  12. Pick a different room every day to rearrange and redecorate
  13. Make a photo album or scrapbook of the past year of your life
  14. Learn about different types of poetry and try them out yourself (make this social by doing this with your family and then sharing them with each other when you’re done)
  15. Get an adult coloring book or coloring app
  16. Order a little rock tumbler and collect some rocks for it while out on a walk. Put them in small jars or vases as decoration   
  17. Make your own soap, face masks, and bath bombs-make extras to give as gifts later on
  18. Plan and start a garden in your back yard or get an indoor garden kit
  19. Learn how to make a macrame plant hanger
  20. Make a video montage of your past year
  21. Learn how to make your own jam with your favorite fruit
  22. Try a new recipe
  23. Put together a fish tank and get a little aquatic buddy to keep you company
  24. Pick some plants and flowers and press them, then frame them or use them for another craft
  25. File and paint your nails
  26. Make candles with your favorite scents


Of course, if you choose to do things outside, avoid populated areas and stay at least 6 feet away from others. Sanitize your hands/phone frequently and don’t touch your face!

  1. Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk (Pinterest has lots of fun inspo for this!)
  2. Follow a workout video
  3. Put on a swimsuit and soak up some sun in your backyard while listening to music or a podcast
  4. Go for a drive and blast your favorite playlist
  5. Learn a TikTok dance (Don’t judge it til you try it! Not only is it entertaining, but it gets you moving!)
  6. Order a pretty hula hoop from Etsy and learn some tricks from youtube (get one with LED lights to get photos like the one above!)
  7. Go on a long walk (take your dog if you have one) and listen to a podcast or just take the time to think
  8. Do yoga (indoors or outside)-if you’re feeling uninspired, follow a video or get a cute yoga position card deck
  9. Go on a bike ride
  10. Go roller blading
  11. Find your old penny board, longboard, or skateboard and practice in your driveway or another non-populated area


  1. Make your own hand sanitizer (Make extras to safely deliver to friends or family who need it)
  2. Clean out and reorganize your closet (Sell what you don’t want on Poshmark!)
  3. Wash all of your sheets, blankets, and pillowcases
  4. Start a new healthy habit and track it (drinking more water, sticking to a bedtime, etc)
  1. Make a new goal (small or big) for yourself and write down the steps needed to achieve it
  2. Make a DIY personal protective face mask to keep those around you safe when you go out (Make extras to give to friends and family who need them!)
  3. Learn the basics of a language of a country you want to visit someday 
  4. Have a digital detox day where you don’t use your electronics! (Plan some fun, technology free things to do that day so you’re not bored!)
  5. Return to your technology with a fresh perspective and declutter your phone and computer
  6. Learn the basics of coding
  7. Go over your budget and watch a video or two to learn something new about personal finance
  8. If you’re currently working from home, now is the perfect time to revamp your home office-search Pinterest for ideas and inspo
  9. Do laundry (if you’re anything like me… it’s probably piling up)
  10. Deep clean your house-make it fun by blasting oldies and dancing while you work


  1. Make your own board game
  2. If you have access to them, look through old family photo albums or watch home videos
  3. Start a book you’ve been meaning to read (If you don’t know what to read, ask me for suggestions!)
  4. Make a new Spotify playlist for each of your moods
  5. Have a crazy solo dance party (“Alexa, play The Man by Taylor Swift”)
  6. Bake some cookies with lots of fun ingredients
  7. Have a full blown spa day with a bath, face mask, aroma therapy, and an at home facial
  8. Order in a meal from your favorite local restaurant to show them some support
  9. Take a bubble bath-set up a bath tray and watch a show or read a few chapters in your book (or, if you’re like me, your kindle!)
  10. Follow a guided meditation
  11. Research and learn about something you find interesting (it could be anything, like astronomy, real-estate, famous historical events, personal finance, or unsolved mysteries!)
  12. Have an indoor picnic-complete with a blanket and basket
  13. Get creative and take some indoor self portraits-you don’t need fancy equipment-just a phone and some Pinterest inspiration!
  14. Play a video game (I highly recommend Animal Crossing it’s super fun and relaxing!)
  15. Improve your singing by watching video tutorials on Youtube or Skillshare to really impress your friends at the next karaoke night
  16. Research your genealogy and learn about your ancestors-this can be very cool and interesting!
  17. Learn a few classic dances, like the waltz, foxtrot, or salsa-this can also be fun if you live with some one who will learn and practice with you!
  18. Get inspired by watching some videos of David Blaine, then learn a basic magic trick or two to show off later
  19. Dig out some old puzzles or order a new one to keep you entertained
  20. Better yet, make your own puzzle! Either with supplies at home, or create and order one online
  21. Plan a vacation you want to take, either in your dreams or when this is all over
  22. Order some new room decor to refresh your space
  23. Make a bucket list
  24. Make a fancy charcuterie board for lunch
  25. Start birdwatching out your windows, keeping track of what bird species frequent your area, then learn about those birds online-you can even keep a journal with doodles and info about each one
  26. Build a cozy fort around your bed or a couch
  27. Teach your pet a new trick


  1. Get social online-connect with people through social media or blogs
  2. Have an at home concert-connect your computer to the tv and watch all of those concert videos everyone said you’d never watch
  3. Another way to have your own at home concert-watch a live stream! A lot of artists are live-streaming their shows so their fans can enjoy their music from the safety of their home
  4. Stay up late watching a movie and sleep in the next day  
  5. Watch a documentary about a topic that you’re curious about
  6. Listen to an audiobook-there are lots of different apps for this or find free ones on youtube
  7. Listen to a new podcast-I highly recommend these ones!
  8. Do some online thrift shopping (I love Poshmark, Depop, Vinted, and ThredUp for this)
  9. Start your own podcast (you can even do this with a friend over FaceTime)
  10. Watch YouTube 
  11. Support local businesses by shopping on their website 
  12. Have a themed movie marathon-retro dance movies (hello Footloose), classic Disney movies, musicals, etc!
  13. Start an online side hustle/business
  14. Plan ahead for birthday gifts this year and shop for them at places like Etsy to support independent creators
  15. Binge watch an old favorite TV Show (Gilmore Girls, The Office, Friends, etc.)
  16. Watch a new show-try one in a genre you don’t usually watch  


  1. Go stargazing at night, pack snacks and music and drive with a friend or family member to a good stargazing spot (look out for shooting stars!)
  2. If you or someone you know has a pool, have a (very small) pool party-only with people you are self isolating with or who are social distancing
  3. Get a table tennis set and have a tournament with your housemates 
  4. Have a comedy night with your family and friends where everyone creates a comedy set a few minutes long to perform for each other – this can also be done over FaceTime! 
  5. Have a chess tournament with prizes
  6. Order in meals for a movie night from your favorite local restaurant to support them
  7. Have a wine and trivia party (can also be done over FaceTime)-look up trivia questions online or order a trivia card pack
  8. Plan themed meals inspired by a different region or country-you could even decorate or play themed music as well!
  9. Play the Heads Up game on your phone (this can be done over FaceTime)
  10. Dig up some favorite childhood games to play like Bop It or Battleship
  11. Play a board game (my family is obsessed with this challenging Sherlock themed one)
  12. Have a FaceTime party with a friend(s)-plan an activity that you can all do together, separately, like baking, learning how to make your favorite mixed drinks, or doing some karaoke classics
  13. Take funny online quizzes, or do this with your friends over FaceTime and guess each others results before sharing them
  14. Make your own jeopardy game for your family to play
  15. Play a card game with your family/roommates, with either a classic deck of cards, or something like Exploding Kittens or What do You Meme

So, could you find at least a few interesting things to do on this list? If you did, save this post to Pinterest or print it out so it’s easy to find and reference when you’re feeling bored! Don’t forget to share this list with your family and friends, as I’m sure something on here will interest them or spark an idea for something else!

If you’re feeling tired of being cooped up and want to get outside, check out this list of ideas for activities to do outside while still being safe and smart!

It’s an uncertain time for all of us, but we are in it together and should do our best to stay positive and spread love (even if it’s via the internet!) to those who need it. Hopefully, this list helps inspire you to stay active and uplifted during this time.

Do you have any ideas to add to this list? Share them below so I can try them!

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